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Mrs. Whitney's Cure In Answer To Prayer.

Mrs. C.S. Whitney of Hartford, Conn., a lady well known for her
Christian work among the poor, thus gives in a letter to Dr. Patton, her
personal testimony of the efficacy of prayer:

"Three years ago, I was healed of a bodily disease. I had been troubled
from my birth with canker, and at times suffered greatly. I had
consulted some of the best physicians in the land, and had been treated
by the most skillful. My case was said to be incurable. When I learned
to trust Christ for everything, I applied to Him for healing. My husband
joined with me in this prayer for three weeks; but all the time I was
growing worse. I then prayed for entire submission. About the first of
October, 1872, my stomach, throat and mouth were so cankered, I could
scarcely eat anything. One day, I took up the little book entitled,
'Dorothea Trudel;' and while reading, I seemed to hear a voice saying
unto me, _'All things are possible unto him that believeth.' 'According
to thy faith be it unto thee.'_ I claimed the faith, and immediately
asked God to heal me, and in His own way. While yet on my knees, it
seemed very clear to me that I should go to Boston, and ask Doctor
Cullis to pray with me. I obeyed that leading, and made preparations to
go the day following. Just as I was ready to start for the depot, I
realized that I was cured. An entire change was wrought in my system,
and my soul was filled with joy and gratitude."

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