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No Flour In The House--in The Days Of Famine, His Soul Shall Be Satisfied.

Mr. Moody's domestic life has always been a happy one, but in the early
days of his marriage, he was very poor, and his faith was often put to
the severest tests.

One day, on leaving home in his missionary work and labors of love, he
remarked to his wife, "I have no money, and the house is without
supplies. It looks dark; is it possible that the Lord has had enough of
me in this mission work, and is going to send me back again to sell
boots and shoes." But he prayed. In a day or two, a Stranger sent him
two checks of $50 each--one for himself, and one for his school.

On another occasion his wife informed him that they had no flour for the
day's use, and asked him to order some on his way. Having no money in
his possession, he was perplexed how to proceed to raise the required
amount; but meeting a person in whose spiritual welfare he was
concerned, he forgot all about such sublunary considerations as money
and flour, and went heart and soul into the Lord's work before him.

On his return home at night, he felt somewhat nervous about his
reception on account of his not having sent the flour, but to his joyful
surprise, he found that on his arrival the table was spread with a
bountiful repast.

It seems that a friend of his was powerfully impressed that morning, and
without seeing the family or knowing anything about their need, had
packed up a barrel of flour and sent it.

Others of his friends, who were interested in his work, and felt
confidence in his work, _unknown to him_, selected a new house, and
furnished it throughout with every facility for convenience and comfort,
and when all was completed invited him and his family to it, and made
him a present of the loan of his house, and all its contents.

Thus the _Great Helper_ remembered him and answered his daily prayer,
"Give us this day our daily bread."

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