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Not Your Own Strength Can Break The Habit.

"I smoked tobacco excessively for fifteen years, commencing when I was
about twenty years old. I often strove to break off from the use of it;
indeed I determined time and again to desist from it, sometimes
abstaining for a few months or weeks, once for twelve months, _but the
desire never left me_, and whenever I tasted it I was sure to take to it
again. I sometimes vowed whilst upon my knees in prayer, to abstain from
it and never touch it again, but I always attempted to do this in my own
strength; hence I failed, being overcome by the almost irresistible
influences it had upon my appetite, so long accustomed to the use.

"One Sunday morning, I retired to a secluded place, got down upon my
knees, and asked the Lord to help me quit it, determining then and there
that I would, God being my helper, never touch the accursed thing again
by any kind of use in the way of consumption, and from that day to this,
I have never had any desire to smoke or chew tobacco, or to use it in
any way; I lifted my heart to God, imploring his assistance in
abstaining from it. I have now been clear of the desire of it for nearly
twenty-three years."

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