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Please God, Give Us A Home.

Mr. Moody tells of a beautiful answer to the faith of a little child.

"I remember a child that lived with her parents in a small village. One
day the news came that her father had joined the army (it was the
beginning of our war), and a few days after, the landlord came to demand
the rent. The mother told him she hadn't got it, and that her husband
had gone into the army. He was a hard-hearted wretch, and he stormed,
and said that they must leave the house; he wasn't going to have people
who couldn't pay the rent.

"After he was gone, the mother threw herself into the armchair, and
began to weep bitterly. Her little girl, whom she taught to pray in
faith, (but it is more difficult to practice than to preach,) came up to
her, and said, '_What makes you cry, mamma, I will pray to God to give
us a little home, and won't He_?' What could the mother say? So the
little child went into the next room and began to pray. The door was
open, and the mother could hear every word.

_"'O, God, you have come and taken away father, and mamma has got no
money, and the landlord will turn us out because we can't pay, and we
will have to sit on the door-step, and mamma will catch cold. Give us a
little home_.' Then she waited as if for an answer, and then added,
'_Won't you, please, God_?'

"She came out of that room quite happy, expecting a home to be given
them. The mother felt reproved. God heard the prayer of that little one,
for he touched the heart of the cruel landlord, and she has never paid
any rent since."

God give us the faith of that little child, that we may likewise expect
an answer, "_nothing wavering_."

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