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Praying For A Bible.

"For a long while it has been my habit to be entirely guided for the day
by the first verse in the Bible on which my eyes rested. While dressing
for the day, I glance at the open page, or sometimes turning over the
leaves. But my old Bible was poor print and small, and it troubled me
for a long while. So I thought I would ask the Lord to send me a new
one. I told Him all about it. One day, this Summer, the postman brought
me a package of magazines and a letter. I began to undo the package,
eager to scan their welcome pages. My sister laughingly said she would
read my letter, and suiting the action to the word, opened the envelope.
I really did not mind what she was doing, until she said: 'Why there is
some money here, but no letter.' So she handed me the half sheet of
paper, with the money folded inside. I looked it over, and there were
only these words in pencil: 'For a Bible, and three dollars.' We looked
at each other; I could not say a word, until she said, 'What does it all
mean? 'I answered, 'The Lord sent it, I know; where could it come from?'
It was wonderful--wonderful because I could not remember as I ever told
any one that I was praying for a Bible."

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