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Praying For A Sewing Machine.

"One day a lady friend said to me: 'Would you like some nice sewing,
easy to do?' I answered, 'Yes.' 'Have you a sewing machine?' 'I have
not, but am praying for one.' 'That is right; so you believe you will
have it by praying for it?' I replied: 'If the Lord thinks I need it, He
will send it.' I had learned to use my sister's, but I wanted one of my
own, to use just when I felt like it. So the thought kept in my heart,
'Why can't I pray for one?' And yet it seemed foolish to go in prayer to
God for such a simple thing, but I had not then learned that _all
things,_ with Him, meant every wish and want of the human heart. But
there was no other way. He must send my machine, or I could have none. I
prayed very earnestly. After a few weeks of waiting, one golden winter
morning it came--my beautiful machine--just what I wanted. This seemed
so wonderful to me, that it seemed to bring me into nearer companionship
with the Lord, and ever after, whatever I needed, I went directly to Him
for. A ministerial friend once asked me what it was I had covered up on
the stand. I told him it was my piano, taking the cover aside and
showing him at once how my beautiful sewing machine worked. _'What tune
do you play oftenest?'_ he asked. _'Rock of Ages_ is its favorite one,
and I never sew without singing it.'"

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