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Praying For The Wind To Come.

A remarkable incident, showing how God makes the winds to obey him in
obedience to the prayer of his righteous ones, and the expectations of
their faith, occurred also in Samuel Hick's life, which is really an
astonishing proof of God's supernatural power.

A church gathering was to take place at Micklefleld, and Samuel had
promised two loads of corn for their use. The day fixed drew near, but
there was no flour in the house, and the wind-mills, in consequence of a
long calm, stretched out their arms in vain to catch the rising breezes.
In the midst of this death-like quiet, Samuel carried his corn to the
mill nearest his own residence, and requested the miller to unfurl his
sails. The miller objected, stating that there was "no wind." Samuel, on
the other hand, continued to urge his request, saying, "_I will go and
pray while you spread the cloth._" More with a view of gratifying the
applicant than of any faith he had, the man stretched his canvas. _No
sooner had he done this than, to his utter astonishment, a fine breeze
sprung up, the fans whirled around, the corn was converted into meal,
and Samuel returned with his burden rejoicing,_ and had everything in
readiness for the festival.

In the mean time, a neighbor who had seen the fan in vigorous motion,
took also some corn to be ground; but the wind had dropped, and the
miller remarked to him, "You must send for Sammy Hick to pray for the
wind to blow again."

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