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Recovery From Spinal Disease.

"Miss M---- is the daughter of a respectable farmer, an elder in a
Presbyterian church in Western Pennsylvania. When a young girl her spine
was injured while nursing her aged and helpless grandmother, and she has
been a great sufferer for many years. For eleven years she has not been
able to attend church nor to go from home, and for a long time was
unable to leave her chamber or her bed. Two years ago she was so ill
that hopes of her recovery were abandoned, her mind was thought to be
seriously, even hopelessly impaired. Her physician acknowledged that her
disease baffled his skill.

"A few months ago, being near her residence and hearing that her health
was better, I called on her, and to my surprise, found her able to sew,
walk about, and even go down stairs. She informed me that she suffered
so intensely from the remedies used for her cure, and constantly grew
worse, that she determined to do nothing more; it seemed like fighting
against God; she would put herself into His hands to do with her as He
pleased. Then it seemed to her that the Saviour came to her and said,
'M----, what aileth thee?' She told Him all her case, and He soothed and
comforted her. From that time she began to improve; the paroxysms of
pain grew less, and disappeared; her nervousness was relieved, she could
sleep, her mind was full of peace. She said, 'I am not cured, and do not
expect to be well, but I can bear what I have to suffer, and am willing
to depart whenever it is the Lord's will to take me away to himself.'"

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