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Relief From A Creditor's Demands.

"At another time, being sorely pressed by a heartless creditor, and
almost beside herself, she concluded to walk out and get free from the
insupportable burden, by change of air and scene for two or three hours.
Passing the house of a friend, just returned from Europe, she called for
a few moments, and was presented with a small and peculiar plant,
brought from Wales. All the way home she was asking the Lord to release
her from this relentless creditor, and all the way home a man, without
her knowledge, was following her. Arrived at her own stoop, he suddenly
confronted her, bowed, apologized for the liberty, but said he had not
had a sight of that dear old plant since he left home; and if she would
sell it to him, he would gladly give her ten dollars for it. As that was
half the sum for which she was persecuted, and would probably relieve
her from annoyance until she could raise the balance, she accepted the

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