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Remarkable Cures.

There have been gathered together in her biography, well authenticated
cases of answer to prayer, when the patient was considered wholly
incapable of help from medical skill.

"There was one of a stiff knee, that had been, treated in vain by the
best physicians in France, Germany and Switzerland; one of an elderly
man who could not walk, and had been given up by his physicians, but who
soon dispensed with his crutches; a man came with a burned foot, and the
surgeons said it was a case of '_either amputation or death_' and he
also was cured; one of the leading physicians of Wurtemburg, testifies
to the cure of a hopeless patient of his own; another remained six
weeks, and says he saw all kinds of sicknesses healed; cancers and
fevers have been treated with success; epilepsy and insanity more
frequently than any other form of disease.

"Neither is the life and experience of Dorothea Trudel an exceptional
one. Pastor Blumenhart of Wurtemberg, has had his home crowded for years
with patients, and cures occur constantly.

"The mother of Dorothea Trudel was an eminently pious woman, and it was
her custom, when any of her children were ill, to bring them in prayer
before the feet of the Heavenly Physician, as Dorothea herself says:
'Our mother had no cure except prayer, and though at that time we did
not understand, yet since then we have found it out, that it was the
healing hand of the Saviour alone, that helped and restored us.'"

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