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Remarkable Healing Of A Child.

A clergyman writes that during the ministration of his labors at Battle
Greek, Mich., there were several remarkable manifestations of divine
power--especially in the case of a little girl, the daughter of a Mr.
Smith, a child of about six years.

"In September last, she was taken very sick with spinal fever. She
became much reduced, extremely nervous and helpless, excepting to move
her hands. Physicians gave up the case as a hopeless one, deciding that
should she live, her condition would be that of helplessness, a burden
to herself and to her parents.

"But our gracious God had better things in store for that afflicted
family. It was on a Sabbath afternoon, at the very hour when the crowded
congregation in our house of worship were in prayer for the influences
of the divine Spirit, that a holy, solemn influence came into the
dwelling of Brother Smith, as if an angel had come to touch the child
with healing power. The mother could not leave the bedside of her
suffering child to attend the meeting, and she says that a sudden change
came over her feelings, and it appeared to her that an angel had come
into the house, and had shed a holy influence in every part of it. It
was at that moment that the hitherto helpless child drew herself up in a
sitting posture, and next rose upon her feet. She rapidly recovered to
her usual habits of taking food and sleeping, and now takes the exercise
of the most robust children of her age."

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