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Rescued In Peril.

"With my brother I was once climbing the _Cirrha di Jazze_, one of the
mountains in the chain of _Mount Rosa_. When nearly at the top, we
entered a dense fog. Presently our guides faced right about and grounded
their axes on the frozen snowed slope. My brother, seeing the slope
still beyond, and not knowing it was merely the cornice overhanging a
precipice of several thousand feet, rushed onward. I shall never forget
their cry of agonized warning. He stood a moment on the very summit, and
then, the snow yielding, he began to fall through. One of the guides, at
great risk, had rushed after him, and seizing him by the coat, drew him
down to a place of safety.

"No one could be nearer death and yet escape. On his return home, an
invalid member of his congregation told him that she had been much in
prayer for his safety, and mentioned a special time when she was
particularly earnest, as if imploring deliverance from some great peril.
_The times corresponded._ His life was saved in answer to her prayer."

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