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Saved From Drowning.

A poor German woman rushed frantically through the street and into the
house of a countrywoman, very little better off than herself, declaring
she would drown herself that very night if _no_ one would give her work.
A family on the same floor gave her the use of a very small, bare room
for one week, free of charge; after that, it would be eighty cents per
week rent. Her countrywoman shared with her, such as she had for the
evening and the morning, and after the breakfast, sent for a good,
ever-ready missionary to talk and pray her into a better frame of mind.
He did so, but confirmed and rested her faith on substantial works. He
procured employment for her before the sun set; enough to pay the rent
and get a little common food. Then obtained coal sufficient to last a
couple of months; and so, leading her little by little into light and
hope, drew her into regular attendance at the Mission chapel in her

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