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Spurgeon's Prayer For Money.

Charles Spurgeon relates this incident connected with his ministry:
"When the college, of which I am President, had been commenced, for a
year or so all my means stayed; my purse was dried up, and I had no
other means of carrying it on. In this very house, one Sunday evening, I
had paid away all I had for the support of my young men for the
ministry. There is a dear friend now sitting behind me who knows the
truth of what I am saying. I said to him, '_There is nothing left,
whatever_.' He said, 'You _have a good banker, sir_.' 'Yes,' I said,
'and I should like to draw upon him now, for I have nothing.' 'Well,'
said he, 'how do you know, have you prayed about it?' 'Yes, I have.'
'Well, then leave it with Him; have you opened your letters?' 'No, I do
not open my letters on Sundays.' 'Well,' said he, 'open them for once.'
I did so, and in the first one I opened there was a banker's letter to
this effect: 'Dear Sir, we beg to inform you that a lady, totally
unknown to us, has left with us two hundred pounds for you to use in the
education of young men.' Such a sum has never come since, and it never
came before; and I have no more idea than the dead in their graves how
it came then, nor from whom it came, but to me it seemed that it came
directly from God."

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