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The Danish Girl's Blessing.

A very poor Danish girl, broken down in health, utterly unable longer to
labor for her own support, was provided with the means, and urged to go
to Denmark, as her friend felt sure there was some good in store for her
there, meaning, more definitely, the restoration of her health. She
could not be induced until, thoroughly satisfied by several tokens that
it was the Lord's will, and then she consented.

A devout, humble Christian missionary became acquainted with her soon
after her arrival, and, being struck with the beauty of holiness in
every action and conversation of her life, asked her to marry him, that
he might have the constant satisfaction of rendering her life
comfortable, and finding his own encouragement in her unfailing faith.
His letters are full of his saintly wife, and her signally blessed
efforts in winning people to put their trust where it need fear no

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