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The Great Physician.

"Nearly five years ago, after a decline of almost two years, I was
brought very near to the grave. Medical aid availed nothing. I was
fearfully emaciated, and my death was daily expected. A devoted mother
and a sister, who had watched over me tenderly during my long illness,
were completely exhausted.

"I determined to apply to the Great Physician, as directed in James
5:14. As I united with others in prayer, unconsciously I uttered these
words, 'I shall yet praise Thee in the great congregation.' All present
felt assured that it was the will of God to restore me to health.
Appearances were against me; for some time I could sleep but very
little, and there was no perceptible gain. But trusting in the sure
promise, the next Sabbath I rode a short distance to church, and, as I
thus ventured out little by little, my strength gradually returned. A
few months later, my mother, who through disease had been in a state of
despair for some years, was enabled again to hope in God's mercy."

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