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The Liberal Farmer.

A farmer in one of the retired mountain towns of Massachusetts, began
business in 1818, with six hundred dollars in debt. He began with the
determination to pay the debt in six years, in equal installments, and
to give all his net income if any remained above those installments. The
income of the first year, however, was expended in purchasing stock and
other necessaries for his farm.

In the six next years he paid off the debt, and having abandoned the
intention of ever being any richer, he has ever since given his entire
income, after supporting his family and thoroughly educating his six

During all this period he has lived with the strictest economy, and
everything pertaining to his house, table, dress and equipage has been
in the most simple style; and though he has twice been a member of the
State Senate, he conscientiously retains this simplicity in his mode of
life. The farm is rocky and remote from the village, and his whole
property, real and personal, would not exceed in value three thousand
dollars. Yet sometimes he has been enabled to give from $200 to $300 a

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