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The Lord Paid His Debt.

"It was the time of my returning from the north country. I observed that
there were some small debts to be discharged. But the hand of God was
fast closed; this continued for some time: and for all that time, I
watched and observed narrowly.

"At this time there was a special debt due of twenty pounds. This sum
hung long. I looked different ways, and chalked out different roads for
the Almighty to walk in; but his paths were in the deep waters, and his
footsteps were not known; no raven came, neither in the morning, nor in
the evening.

"There was a gentlewoman at my house on a visit, and I asked her if she
had got the sum of twenty pounds in her pocket, telling her at the same
time how much I wanted it. She told me she had not; if she had, I should
have it. A few hours after, the same woman was coming into my study, but
she found it locked, and knocked at the door; I let her in, and she
said, 'I am sorry I disturbed you.' I replied, 'You do not disturb me; I
have been begging a favor of God, and I had just done when you knocked;
and that favor I have now got in faith, and shall shortly have in hand,
and you will see it.'"

"The afternoon of the same day, two gentlemen out of the city came to
see me; and after a few hours of conversation, they left me, and to my
great surprise, each of them at parting put a letter into my hand,
which, when they were gone, _I opened, and found a ten pound note in
each_. I immediately sent for the woman up-stairs, and let her read the
letters, and then sent the money to pay the debt."

It is impossible to give in this page any large portion of the life of
Mr. Huntington, who was rich in faith, and upon whom God showered
abundant answers to prayer. But, like all of us, he, too, suffered
extremely in all the necessities of life, yet ever looked to God above
for help. Of his experience, he says in his own words, after having for
years thoroughly tested the promises and faithfulness of God:

"_A succession of crosses was always followed with perpetual blessings,
for as sure as adversity led the van, so sure prosperity brought up the

"_Never, no never, did the Holy Spirit withhold his prevalent
intercession from, me in times of trouble, nor did my God ever turn a
deaf ear to my prayer, or fail to deliver me_."

"_Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him
out of them all_."

* * * * *

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