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The Lord's Insurance Money.

A tradesman in New York had pledged to give to the Lord a certain
portion of his business receipts as fast as they were collected. He
called this _The Lord's insurance money_, for, said he, "so long as I
give so long will the Lord help me and bless me, and in some way he will
give me the means to give, so it is no money lost. Rather it is a
blessing to my heart to keep it open in gratitude, a blessing to dispose
of it to gladden other hearts, and the surest way to keep the Lord's
favor with me."

The results of his experience were blessed indeed, as he said, "I never
realized before how closely the Lord is connected with all my interests,
and how he helps me in all my business plans. Things happen constantly
which show me constantly that some one who knows more than I is
benefiting me--protecting me. Bad debts have been paid which I did not
expect. Errand boys, just getting into sly and bad habits, have been
discovered ere their thefts had proceeded far. As I needed competent
help in my business, it has come just as it was wanted. When customers
were failing, somehow their debts to me were paid, although they failed
to pay others. A severe fire came to my office and apparently seemed to
have swept all my valuables away. But it was stopped at just the right
moment, and not one thing valuable was lost. The insurance companies
paid me enough to replace every damage, and the office was renewed
better than before. The Lord sends me business enough to pay for my
debts, yet others are dull. _I cannot tell why it is, except that I
always pray for my business, and ask the Lord to bless it for the good
of others_, and that the means which come from it may be used for his
cause. When I stop giving, business stops coming. When I stop praying
specially for it, perplexities arise. As long as I pray for it, it all
moves easily, and I have no care or trouble. The Lord is my Banker, my
Helper, my Insurer, my Deliverer, my Patron, and my Blessed Savior of
temporal things as well as spiritual."

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