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The Persecutor's Fate.

Dr. Eugenio Kincaid, the Burman missionary, states, that among the first
converts in Ava were two men who had held respectable offices about the
palace. Some time after they had been baptized, a neighbor determined to
report them to government, and drew up a paper setting forth that these
two men had forsaken the customs and religion of their fathers, were
worshiping the foreigner's God, and went every Sunday to the teacher's
house; with other similar charges. He presented the paper to the
neighbors of the two disciples, taking their names as witnesses, and
saving that he should go and present the accusation on the next day.

The two Christians heard of it, and went to Mr. Kincaid in great alarm,
to consult as to what they should do. They said if they were accused to
government, the mildest sentence they could expect would be imprisonment
for life at hard labor, and perhaps they would be killed. Kincaid told
them that they could not flee from Ava, if they would; that he saw
nothing he could do for them, and all that they could do was to trust in
God to protect them, and deliver them from the power of their enemies.
They also prayed, and soon left Kincaid, saying that they felt more
calm, and could leave the matter with God.

That night the persecutor was attacked by a dreadful disease in the
bowels, which so distressed him that he roared like a madman; and his
friends, which is too often the case with the heathen, left him to
suffer and die alone. The two Christians whom he would have ruined then
went and took care of him till he died, two or three days after his
attack. The whole affair was well known in the neighborhood, and from
that time not a dog dared move his tongue against the Christians of Ava.

Is there no evidence in this of a special providence, and that God
listens to the prayers of persecuted and distressed children?

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