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The Prayer Of The Pilgrims For Rain Answered.

It is well known that many of the good men who were driven from England
to America by persecution in the seventeenth century, had to endure
great privations. In the Spring of 1623 they planted more corn than ever
before; but by the time they had done planting, their food was spent.
They daily prayed, "Give us this day our daily bread;" and in some way
or other the prayer was always answered. With a single boat and a net
they caught some fish, and when these failed, they dug in the sand for
shell-fish. In the month of June their hopes of a harvest were nearly
blasted by a drought which withered up their corn and made the grass
look like hay. All expected to perish with hunger.

In their distress the pilgrims set apart a day of humiliation and
prayer, and continued their worship for eight or nine hours. God heard
their prayers, and answered them in a way which excited universal
admiration. Although the morning of that day was clear, and the weather
very hot and dry during the whole forenoon, yet before night it began to
rain, and gentle showers continued to fall for many days, so that the
ground became thoroughly soaked, and the drooping corn revived.

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