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The Story Of A Wayward Life, Saved By Prayer.

"In the last fourteen years I have stood beside the deathbeds of eight
who were near and dear to me, and the last words that each spoke to me
as they were leaving the world were, "_Will you not meet me in Heaven_?"
I have been a wayward child. Eight years ago I became addicted to strong
drink. I became a drunkard, which brought my dear old father down to an
untimely grave. I made a promise on his death-bed that I would not drink
any more, and for six long years I kept that promise, but at last I
broke it. I again became a drunkard, which began to tell on my wife. I
promised her that I would not drink, but that promise was broken time
after time. Within this year, in the week of prayer, I attended the
prayer-meetings, asked prayers for me, and on the night following, I
erected the family altar, which had for four years been neglected, and,
thank God, it is there yet. I am now trusting in the promise that _He
will not let his children be tempted beyond what they are able to

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