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The Swedish Girl Blessed.

A Christian Swedish girl, who had, for three years, done the washing of
a certain family, had so interested them by her care of an aged father,
and gained their esteem by her humble piety, that, wishing to go to
Europe for six months, they offered her two rooms in their house for
that time, that she might not only save the labor necessary to pay her
rent, but, also, take charge of their effects. The offer was gladly
accepted, and recognized as a token especially from the Lord.

In times when the father was yet able to work a little, they had
economized to a degree that resulted in saving twenty dollars. It was
laid by for three months' rent, when he should be no longer able to earn
it. That time had come; as yet the money had not been touched; but Satan
sent a wicked woman to hire the next room, and, while the father was
asleep, and his poor daughter at church, she stole it. Their grief was
great, but they reminded the Lord how hardly it was earned, and how
faithful lie had always been to His promises. It can be easily
understood with what emphasis this unexpected offer came to them.

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