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The Tavern Keeper Overcome.

Rev. Charles G. Finney relates, in his "Spirit of Prayer," of an
acquaintance of his whose faith and importunity in prayer and the answer
were very remarkable:

"In a town in the northern part of the State of New York, where there
was a revival, there was a certain individual, who was a most violent
and outrageous opposer. He kept a tavern, and used to delight in
swearing at a desperate rate, whenever there were Christians within
hearing, on purpose to hurt their feelings. He was so bad, that one man
said he believed he should have to sell his place or give it away, and
move out of town, for he could not live near a man that swore so.

"This good man of faith and prayer that I have spoken of, was passing
through the town and heard the case, and was very much grieved and
distressed for the individual. He took him on his praying list. The case
weighed on his mind when he was asleep, and when he was awake. He kept
thinking about him, and praying for him, for days; and the first we knew
of it, this ungodly man came into a meeting, and got up and confessed
his sins, and poured out his soul. His barroom immediately became the
place where they held prayer-meetings."

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