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The Widow's Shoes.

A poor woman--a widow with an invalid son--a member of the church, could
not attend church, or the neighborhood prayer-meetings, for the want of
shoes. She asked the Lord for the shoes. That very day the village
school-master called in to see her son. Meanwhile he noticed that the
boy's mother had very poor shoes. He said nothing, but felt impressed,
and inwardly resolved to purchase the poor woman a pair of shoes
forthwith. He accordingly hired a horse, rode two miles on horseback to
a shoe-store, bought the shoes, and requested them sent to the widow's
cottage without delay. They proved a perfect fit; and that very night
the overjoyed woman hurried to the prayer-meeting to announce that in
answer to prayer the Lord had sent her the shoes.

The young school-master, who, I suspect, was my informant himself, now a
venerable, white-haired man, heard the poor woman's testimony; and his
pillow that night was wet with tears of gratitude and joy because God
had used him thus to bless the poor widow, and to answer her prayers.

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