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The Wonders Of A Single Prayer.

The Rev. Dr. Edwin F. Hatfield, of New York City, well known and eminent
among the clergymen of the Presbyterian church, is personally acquainted
with the following instance of a remarkable case in answer to prayer.
From the mother of the daughter he obtained this statement, which has
been published by Dr. Patton, of Chicago, in his volume, "On Prayer."

"My daughter was for fourteen months afflicted with hip disease. It was
brought on by a fall, and a consequent dislocation, when she was eight
years of age.

"Her right side was paralyzed, and she had an abscess. I placed her in a
hospital, under the care of good nurses, and the very best medical

"Everything possible was done for her, but all to no avail; she grew
worse instead of better, and the doctors directed me, as there was no
hope for her, to take her home to die.

"But I did not cease to hope. I did as the doctors directed, but
continued to pray the prayer of faith for her recovery for two weeks.
One morning, at the end of this period, we were conversing together
about the wonderful cures wrought by the Savior, when on earth, and
particularly that of the man at the pool of Bethesda.

"In the midst of our conversation, my daughter rose to obtain a drink of
water, when she exclaimed, '_Mother, I can walk.'_ 'Thanks be to God!'
said I, 'Come, and let me see you!'

"Her crutches, the only means by which she could move about, before,
were now useless. Upon examination, I found that the abscess had
entirely disappeared, and that the paralyzed limb was restored whole,
like the other.

"She was again dangerously ill, five months afterward. I prayed for her
recovery one night, before retiring, and the next morning she arose,
perfectly cured."

She is now twenty-one years of age, and during all this intervening time
has been free from any trouble of this kind. To-day she is as well as
any one, working and running about without the slightest trouble."

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