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"no Man Can Pluck Them Out Of My Father's Hand."

A brother says, "Jesus says this, and I rest just there." "A year ago I
was in Philadelphia. I had resolved not to drink any liquor that day,
but my resolution was soon broken. In the evening as I wandered the
streets, that voice of God, '_Turn ye, turn ye_,' gave me great
uneasiness. Although I tried hard not to go, yet the Spirit was at work
within me, and against my will led me to the meetings of the Young Men's
Christian Association. When the call came for those desiring prayers, I
felt that it was my last call, and I pushed forward and rose. Friends
prayed with me, and that night, as I pleaded for mercy, the burden of my
sin was lifted and I was free. Christ took the appetite for drink away,
and He has kept me ever since, and will keep me to the end, for He says,
'_Fear not, for I have redeemed thee; I have called thee by thy name;
thou art mine_.' Oh! I know He won't let me go."

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