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"the Lord Woke Me Up In Time To Save My Clothes."

In the very top of a four-story building, used only for various
manufacturing purposes, lived an old man and daughter. They lived
literally _by faith in Christ_, from _day_ to _day_; one hour at a time.
At his voice, followed Him, whether into darkness or light. Neither took
a step but as they held his hand. A lady calling one day, said, "Oh!
Jennie, I thought of your large wash hanging on the roof, last night,
when the drenching rain came; and I was so sorry to think you would have
your hard work all over again!" "_Oh! no ma'am. The Lord woke me up out
of a sound sleep, just as the first few drops fell_! I hastened up and
brought them all down nice and dry, and had only got to the foot of the
stairs with the last armful, when it poured down. Now that was the Lord,
ma'am, for there was not a single noise of any kind to waken me, and I
was sound asleep!"

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