A Double Cure.

"At the age of twelve years I commenced to use tobacco, and continued to

use it, both smoking and chewing, till five years ago, when in answer to

prayer the appetite was instantly removed.

"The circumstances were as follows: I had tried many ways to leave off

the use of tobacco, but the appetite was so strong that I could not

withstand it. At one time I left it off for a month, but not a day

passed but I
raved it, and when I did begin again it tasted as good as

ever. I found that tobacco was injuring my health. My nervous system was

much deranged.

"For more than a year before I left it off there was scarcely a night

but I lay for two or three hours, before I could go to sleep. I resolved

a great many times I would leave off, but always failed. I had also

acquired the habit of drinking, and became a confirmed drunkard.

"I knew the habits were killing me, but I was powerless to stop. One

evening a prayer-meeting was appointed at my house. The minister in his

remarks spoke about habits, and said that religion would cure all bad

habits, such as tobacco, &c., and that by prayer God would remove all

evil appetites.

"I thought but little about it that night; was very careless and

trifling about it. The next morning I took out my tobacco to take a

chew, and thought of what the minister had said the night before. It was

a new idea to me. I put the tobacco in my pocket again, and said, '_I'll

try it_.'

"_I was alone in my barn; I kneeled down and asked God to remove the

appetite from me. It was done. I was cured_. I felt it. I knew it then.

I have never had a desire for it since. There has been no hankering for

it or for strong drink since. My sins were all forgiven, and I was made

a new man all over, inside and outside.

"When I go into company where they are smoking, I have no desire for it

at all, neither have I for drinking, any more than if I had never had

those habits. _My nervous difficulty was also instantly cured_. No more

trouble about sleeping, and I know that Jesus can heal and remove and

destroy all evil habits."