A Recovery From A Death-bed.

"Some forty years ago, in a rural parish in New England, a young man lay

apparently on his death-bed with a putrid fever. His aunt, in whose

family he was staying, was a woman who had long lived in habitual

intercourse with the unseen world through prayer. One afternoon, when it

seemed to those around him that the sick one must die, she went away

alone to speak with God. With intense earnestness she pleaded for the

g man's life. And, being deeply interested in the portion of our

country then beginning to be settled, she asked also that he might

become a home missionary at the West. There were various circumstances

which made this latter request, as well as the other, seem very unlikely

to be fulfilled. And yet it was. The young man recovered, pursued a

collegiate and theological course, and still lives and labors as a most

devoted and useful Christian pioneer. More than once he has been a

member of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, and his name

is familiar to many."