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A Remarkable Case.

On the afternoon of Monday, August 20, 1869, I was sent for to visit
Mrs. M., who was reported to be very sick. Arriving at the house, I was
told that "Mrs. M., after a hard day's work, had retired to rest
Saturday night in her usual state of health, that immediately after
getting in bed she had fallen asleep and had not awoke up to this time,
(6 o'clock Monday evening,) that three physicians had been in attendance
for 30 hours, that all their efforts to arouse her were without avail."

In the chamber, Mrs. M. lay in the bed apparently in a troubled sleep,
she was a woman of medium size, about 50 years of age, the mother of a
large family; around her bed stood her husband, four sons and a
daughter, and relatives, about twelve persons in all. The husband and
sons were irreligious, but awed in the presence of this affliction.

I felt, as perhaps I never felt before, my ignorance, my helplessness,
and the necessity of entire dependence on God for guidance and
inspiration, that prayer should be made in accordance with his will.

I knelt at the bedside and held the woman's hand in mine, lifted up my
heart to God and prayed, "If it be thy will and for thy glory, and for
the good of this family, grant that this woman may once more open her
eyes to look upon her children, once more open her lips in counsel and
holy admonition." While thus praying, as I believe, inspired by the
Spirit of God, and with faith in Jesus Christ, I was conscious of a
movement around me, and opening my eyes, I saw Mrs. M. sitting up in
bed. Some of the persons in the room were weeping, others laughing; the
sons came nearer the bed, and asked, "Mother, do you know me? do you
know me?" She called each by name, and beckoned to her daughter, held
her by the hand. I, poor faithless one, was wondering what does this
mean? One of the sons took me by the hand saying, "Oh! Mr. Bass, God
heard and answered that prayer." I sung the hymn, "There is a fountain
filled with blood," Mrs. M. singing to the close, and then, apparently
exhausted, sank back on the pillow, speechless and unconscious. The
physicians were sent for, came, wondered, speculated, administered
medicine, blistered the calves of the legs, and cupped the back of the
neck, but to no purpose. She remained in speechless unconsciousness till
the next afternoon, when, while prayer was being made, she again opened
her eyes, sat up and conversed with her children and friends. In a few
days she resumed her household duties, enjoying a good degree of health
and strength, and faithfully serving God and her generation until it
pleased God to call her home to the rest prepared for the people of God,
three years after the incident, the subject of this paper.

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