A Servant's Prayer For A Good Home.

"I was brought up religiously as a servant in a family in Connecticut,

and from twelve years of age until twenty-three, knew no other home. The

old couple died, and I lived with their children, but they were so

different that I became very unhappy and hardly knew what to do or which

way to turn. I had no relatives and knew nothing of any world save the

little one in which I had all my life moved, and I was terribly afraid

to try any other. I could only offer my constant prayer for help, and it

was answered so much beyond my highest hope, and so kind were God's

dealings with me that I was taken, almost without an effort of my own,

into a warm, loving heart, and such a happy home, and all so easily and

smoothly that to me it seems like a miracle; and never can I forget

while I live, nor cease to believe that truly 'He is the hearer and

answerer of prayer.'"