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A Special Word To All Seeking To Escape Evil Ways.

Should these words meet the eye of any one so troubled over any evil way
or bad habit from whose bondage he would gladly escape, let me say to
you these words of good cheer: "_The Lord can save you, the Lord can
deliver you, the Lord can wholly heal you. He can take away your
appetite and cleanse you thoroughly_. He has done it for many others. He
can do it for you. Realize that your own strength can not do it. Forget
not that it is only in answer to your own prayer. Those who want this
good gift must _pray for it_. Deliverance may be instantaneous or
gradual, but do not cease your prayer. Seek in the Bible for those
promises which show that he can _deliver from all evil_, and plead them
and then trust in Him and his strength to fulfill them.

"Forget not also to ask others to pray for you, and remember that the
answer is sure to come if you add to your prayer these true thoughts of
your heart, '_Deliver me and I give myself to thee forever_.'

"If you expect so great a gift from the Lord, he asks of you, '_What are
you willing to do for me_?'"

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