A Visit To Friends.

"I will hold thee by thy right hand, saying unto thee, fear

not, I will help thee."

"Once I held in my hand an open letter, containing an invitation to

visit friends I had never seen. My heart bounded with pleasure at

thought of the journey, and the pleasant visit to follow; but, on second

thought, it almost stood still--where could I get money and proper

clothing? Several weeks passed
n thought. I could see no way, and so I

wrote my friends I could not come at present; but, in my heart, I could

not give it up. My parents were visiting in the far West, and I had no

one to advise me; so, up in my little room, night after night, I made it

a point to tell the Lord about it; and soon it seemed as easy and right

as though I were talking to a friend. One day, my brother-in-law said he

would pay my expenses to and fro. I thanked him, and took fresh courage,

and still kept on praying. Then the same good brother gave me money for

a dress; then a friend furnished other articles, and soon, I was en

route for the quaint old city by the sea. Every step was accomplished by

the simple way of prayer; and, when I slept, late that night, in a cosy

room at the Methodist parsonage in N.B., I could look back over the last

few weeks, and thank God for the _power of prayer_. But the best of it

all was the lesson I had learned--one which I shall never forget, while

memory holds her magic power--to carry _everything_ to God in prayer; to

trust him in every matter, however small; and this is the whole secret

of the power that lies in prayer."

"I found another lady visitor at my friend's and we were to share the

same bed. This was a little trial; I had to ask the Lord to give me

patience--and He did. One night, I was very restless and nervous; I

could not sleep. I knew I was disturbing my friend--soon she said,

'Annie, I am going to ask the Lord to come and put you to sleep. Now,

lay still, and in five minutes you will be all right'. I did so, also

breathing the words, 'Give me sleep, dear Saviour.' The room seemed to

be full of a soft, soothing influence, and I fell asleep. Once only in

the night I awoke, but soon went asleep. When I awoke in the morning,

rested and refreshed, Tillie, who was dressing near me, looked up with

her pleasant smile and said, 'Annie, how wonderful it was. You were

asleep in less than five minutes. It seemed as though Jesus stood close

by your side; I could _almost see_ Him, I felt so clearly His presence.

He is here now, Annie; can't you feel Him near? He was very good to you

last night.' Yes, indeed, I felt the influence of His presence, and, all

day, whenever I entered the room, I felt it, and it seemed as though I

must tread softly, it was so like holy ground. This feeling lasted

through my stay, and, last Winter, while again visiting the home of my

friends, it all came back to me again. This beautiful influence has ever

kept with me, and I never close my eyes in sleep until I say, 'Oh, Lord,

breathe upon me the sweet spirit of sleep.' However weary, sick or

nervous I may be, I feel that the soothing power will come; and, with my

hand in His, I rest peacefully, at last."