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He Gave All The Money He Had.

At one time he attended a missionary meeting near Harrowgate. "We had a
blessed meeting," said Samuel, "I was very happy and gave all the money
I had in my pocket." After the meeting was concluded, he mounted his
horse to return home. No one had offered to pay his expenses--he had not
a farthing in his pocket. Advanced in life--a slow rider, and not a very
sprightly horse--in the night--alone--twenty miles from home. Think of
the lonesomeness; the time for the tempter to come and lead him to
distrust in his Lord. But he struggled; the trial was short and the
victory complete, for, said he, "Devil, I never stuck fast yet."

Just as he entered Harewood, a gentleman took his horse by the bridle,
asked him where he had been, talked with him long, and to whom Samuel's
talk was a wonderful consolation. Said Sammy:

"I have not wanted for any good thing, and could always pray with Job,
'The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the

The gentleman asked, "Can you read?"

"Yes," returned Samuel.

"Then," replied the gentleman, holding a piece of paper in his hand,
which was rendered visible by the glimmering light of the stars,

"There is a five pound note for you. You love God and his cause, and I
believe you will never want."

And Sammy said, "I cried for joy. This was a fair salvation from the
Lord. When I got home, I told my wife. She burst into tears, and we
praised the Lord together," and he added: "You see, we never give to the
Lord but He gives in return."

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