Healing Of Soul And Body.

"I have reason to rejoice that I have been greatly blessed in answer to

your prayers. Two young lady friends of mine have been enabled to claim

the blessed promise of full salvation, not only to the healing of the

soul, _but the body also_.

My own experience helped them: On the 16th of January, last, in answer

to constant prayer offered by myself and friends, I arose from what all

thought to be my death-bed, and walked all over the house; also many

miles on the streets during the next few months. I did not claim the

full extent of the promise as I craved only relief from such terrible

pain, as was then my portion to bear. I think God in his goodness would

have granted full restoration to health, as I was so anxious to work for

Him, but I pleaded with Him _not to heal my body_ until my mind had had

the discipline I felt it needed."