Little George's Prayer.

A clergyman writes us these incidents:

"I knew a poor family whose son George, four or five years old, was

accustomed to pray. They lived five or six miles from neighbors, and, at

times, were quite destitute. One day, as little George observed his

mother weeping over their destitution, he said, "Why, mother, don't cry

any; we shall not starve; God will send us something to eat, I know He

will. I've just been praying, and asked Him to." The little fellow just

as much believed God would send them food, as if he had asked a reliable

neighbor and obtained his promise to supply their wants. In a day or two

after this, some friends living at a distance and knowing they were

poor, took them the welcome surprise of a wagon-load of substantial

material for food and other comforts. The little boy grew up to be a

Christian minister, and, about a year ago, on inquiry, his uncle told me

he had been at the head of an institution of learning in the