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Noah's Prayer.--he Did Not Get Discouraged.

The life of faith and the necessity of uncompromising hold on the
promise's, expecting their fulfillment, is admirably explained in the
illustration of Noah's prayer. One day Mr. Moody was much discouraged,
and it was as dark a Sabbath as ever he had, and a friend suggested to
him to study the life of Noah.

"I got out my Bible, and the thought came over me, 'Here is a man who
labored and talked a hundred years, and didn't succeed; didn't get a
convert notwithstanding all his efforts, all his prayers, but he didn't
get discouraged.'

"But he took God at his word; he worked right on; he prayed right on;
and he waited God's time. And, my friends, from that time, I have never
been discouraged. Whenever I think of him, it lifts me up out of the
darkness into the light. Don't get discouraged."

The lesson of Noah's life is briefly this: He never converted a soul
outside of his own family. That was the work God gave him to do, and he
prayed and waited and worked, and never gave up, and he was saved and
all his family with him.

So every Christian must recognize that his field is not far off, but
right around him, in his house, among his friends, working, praying,
waiting, but never getting discouraged. The Lord will never fail those
who "_abide in Him_."

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