Prayer Found The Remedy For The Disease.

"A correspondent of _The Illustrated Christian Weekly_, states that a

mother of her acquaintance had a child taken alarmingly ill. She sent

for the physician. The child was in convulsions. The doctor began at

once vigorously to apply the customary remedies--cold water to the head,

warm applications to the feet, chafing of the hands and limbs. All was

in vain. The body lost nothing of its dreadful rigidity. Death seemed

close at hand, and absolutely inevitable. At length he left the child,

and sat down by the window, looking out. He seemed, to the agonized

mother, to have abandoned her darling. For herself, she could do nothing

but pray; and even her prayer was but an inarticulate and unvoiced cry

for help. _Suddenly the physician started from his seat. 'Send and see

if there be any jimson weed in the yard_,' he cried. His order was

obeyed; the poisonous weed was found. The remedies were instantly

changed. Enough of the seeds of this deadly weed were brought away by

the medicine to have killed a man. The physician subsequently said that

he thought that in that five minutes every kindred case he had ever

known in a quarter century's practice passed before his mind. Among them

was the one case which suggested the real, but before hidden, cause of

the protracted and dreadful convulsions. And the child was saved.

"Now, is there anything inconsistent or unphilosophical in the belief

that, at that critical moment, a loving God, answering the mother's

Helpless cry, flashed on the mind of the physician the thought that

saved the child? Is it any objection to that faith to say, the age of

miracles is past? If the mother, may call in a second physician, to

suggest the cause and the cure, may she not call on God? What the doctor

can do for a fellow-practitioner, cannot the Great Physician do? Though

the doctor had often tried and thought, yet it was not till the last

prayer and call on God, brought the remedy to his mind."