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Recovery From Insanity.

A most remarkable case of recovery from insanity is given by President
William M. Brooks, of Tabor College, Iowa.

"A young lady of my acquaintance, of a finished education, lost her
reason in the Winter of 1871-2, and in August, 1872, was placed in the
institution for the insane, at Mt. Pleasant, Ia. No encouragement was
given of her recovery, and a year later, when her father visited her, in
June, 1873, she appeared so badly, that he said it would be a relief to
know that she was dead. Soon after, Mrs. H., the wife of a Baptist
minister, who had long known and loved her, being shut up for days in a
dark room, because of inflamed eyes, felt drawn out in special prayer in
her behalf, and finally sent for the father and told him of her
exercises, and of the assurance gained that his daughter would be fully

"In a few days, came news of a sudden change for the better, and in a
little over two months she returned home well, and is now teaching with
all her powers in full vigor.

"The acting superintendent of the hospital, who is not a professed
Christian, and who knew nothing of the prayers referred to, said that
when the change occurred there was not a case among the five hundred
inmates of which he had less hope, and that it was the most remarkable
case of recovery which he had known during the eight years of his
connection with the hospital."

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