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Restoration From Death.

"My father, the author of the _Sinner's Friend_, narrates in his
autobiography a circumstance which he often used to speak of with great

"My mother was very ill, and apparently dying. The Doctor said that now,
if at all, the children might be brought for her to look at them once
more. One by one we were brought to the bedside, and her hand was placed
on our heads.

"Then my father bade her farewell, and she lay motionless as if soon to
breathe her last.

"He then said to himself, 'There is yet one promise I have not pleaded,
"If ye ask anything in my name I will do it." He stepped aside, and in
an agony of soul exclaimed, '_O, Lord, for the honor of thy dear Son,
give me the life of my wife!'_

"He could say no more, and sank down exhausted. Just then the nurse
called him to the bedside saying, 'She has opened her mouth again as if
for food.' Nourishment was given, and from that time she began to
recover. The doctor said it was miraculous. My father said it was God,
who had heard his prayer."

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