Shall Save The Sick.

"I was desperately ill. My physicians had done all in their power,

without success--and yet I lived! For my father's sake, the hearts of

hundreds waited the issue, and prayed for me! For his sake, the bells in

the neighborhood were tied--the criers did not come within sound of the

house--nor was the sound of wheels heard upon the street. There was a

death-like stillness without and within.

"The physicians
sat with folded hands and wept, because the blow seemed

too heavy for my father to bear--the thought that I was going to die

without any assurance that I trusted in my Saviour!

"'It cannot be,' he said, 'I will wrestle with my God until He hears

me!' Sunday came. In almost every church a special prayer was offered

for my recovery. After morning service, a band of devoted women met, and

offered fervent prayers that God would spare my life. Evening came--the

weary doctors went home, leaving the last sacred moments to my parents.

Early next morning they came again, and exclaimed, as they entered the

room, 'She is better! Prayer has saved her!' I still live, 'a spared

monument of God's mercy.'"