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The Little Boy Who Wanted His Sister To Read The Bible.

Rev. Mr. Spurgeon, of London, tells of the excellent faith of a little
boy in one of the schools of Edinburgh, who had attended a
prayer-meeting, and at the last said to his teacher who conducted it:

"Teacher, I wish my sister could be got to read the Bible; she never
reads it."

"Why, Johnny, should your sister read the Bible?"

"Because if she once read it I am sure it would do her good, and she
would he converted and saved."

"Do you think so, Johnny?"

"Yes, I do, sir; and I wish the next time there was a prayer-meeting you
would ask the people to pray for my sister, that she may begin to read
the Bible."

"Well, well, it shall be done, John."

So the teacher gave out that a little boy was anxious that prayer should
be offered that his sister might read the Bible. John was observed to
get up and go out. The teacher thought it very rude of the boy to
disturb the people in a crowded room, and so the next day, when the lad
came, he said:

"John, I thought it very rude of you to get up in the prayer-meeting and
go out. You ought not to have done so."

"O, sir," said the boy, "I did not mean to be rude; _but I thought I
should like to go home and see my sister reading her Bible for the first

_True to his faith, when he reached his home, he found the little girl
reading her Bible_.

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