The Prayer In The Woods.

A friend relates the following incident, as received from the lips of a

poor afflicted, crippled orphan boy, whose own experience is a practical

illustration of the words: "When my father and my mother forsake me,

then the Lord will take me up." Ps. xxvii 10.

"Out of many instances of answered prayer I will tell the following one:

In August, 1874, I wished to go to Lowell, a distance of some thirty

or more. I had no money, and did not know how to get there. I

asked the station-agent and the conductor, but each refused, saying it

would not be consistent with their duty. Knowing of no human help, I

left the depot and went into the woods, some ways from the station,

where I could be alone, and tell that Friend who is able to provide, and

who is rich unto all that call upon Him. I knelt down beside the stump

of a tree and prayed, and told the Lord all about it, and asked Him

either to give me money, or provide some way that I could go where I

desired. I felt that the Lord heard and answered me, and filled my soul

with praise and joy. The language of my heart was, 'Bless the Lord.'

"As I turned and was going out of the woods, I heard a voice saying,

'Halloo.' As I had seen no one, and knew not that any human being was

near, I was surprised at this greeting. 'Halloo!' said the stranger,' I

never heard such a prayer in my life. Why did you go and pray?' I told

him that I felt heavy, burdened, and I took the burden to the Lord. He

said, 'I heard you pray--you want money, do you? The Lord has opened the

way; here is five dollars. It is the best way to go to the Lord, and

trust Him to open the way. Go and use the money.' I thanked him, and I

thanked the Lord, and went oh my way rejoicing in Him whose promise is,'

My God shall supply all your needs,' and who himself had heard and

answered my request."