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The Wonderful Cure Of Mrs. Sherman.

Although there are so many cases of healing in answer to prayer, yet the
incident of the healing of Mrs. Sherman is so minute, and resulted in
such a radical change of the physical constitution, that it is necessary
to relate it in full detail. It is too well proven to admit the
possibility of a doubt.

"Mrs. Ellen Sherman is the wife of Rev. Moses Sherman, and, at the time
of this occurrence, in 1873, they were residents of Piermont, N.H. She
had been an invalid for many years. In the Winter after she was fifteen,
she fell on the ice and hurt her left knee, so that it became weak and
easy to slip out of joint. Six years after, she fell again on the same
knee, so twisting it and injuring the ligaments that it became partially
stiff, and, the physician said, incurable.

"The next Summer, by very fast walking, one day, she brought on special
weakness, which no physician was able to cure. From that moment she was
subject to severe neuralgia, sick-headaches, at least monthly, and
sometimes even weekly.

"In December, 1859, while stepping out of doors, she slipped, by reason
of her stiff joint, and fell, striking near the base of the spine,
directly across the sharp edge of the stone step. This caused such a
sickness that she was obliged to leave the school she was attending.

"Three years after (in January, 1862), she fell at the top of a
stairway, striking just as before, and sliding all the way down to the
foot. This nearly paralyzed the spinal cord, and caused deep and
permanent spinal disease. After this she was up and down for many years,
attended by various physicians, yet nothing bettered, but, rather,
growing worse. It may be said, for short, that every organ of the lower
body became chronically diseased, and that the headaches increased in

"In September, 1872, through a severe cold, she took her bed, where she
lay, except when lifted from it, till the night of August 27, 1873. She
was unable to walk a step, or even stand. She could sit up only a short
time without great distress. The best medical skill that could be
procured gave only temporary relief. The spine grew worse in spite of
every appliance, and the nervous sensitiveness and prostration were
increasing. During the two or three weeks immediately preceding her cure
she was especially helpless, two persons being required to lift her off
and on the bed. On the Monday before, one of her severest neuralgia
sick-headaches came on. During Wednesday she began to be relieved, but
was still so sick that when, in the evening, she tried to have her
clothes changed, she could only endure the change of her night-dress."

It will be seen from this her utter physical helplessness, and not the
slightest hope of any amelioration. During the night of August 27th, she
enjoyed a blessed time of communion with her Lord, giving herself, in
all her helplessness, wholly to Him to do as he wills.

With feelings beyond all expression, she _felt_ the nearness of her
mighty Savior, and the sense of receiving a new and most delicious
pulsation of new life. At last, though she had been bed-ridden for
twelve months, and incapable of any bodily assistance, she felt an
uncontrollable impulse to throw off the clothes of the bed with her left
arm, and sprang out of bed upon her feet, and started to walk across the

"Her husband's first thought was that she was crazed, and would fall to
the floor, and he sprang towards her to help her. But she put up her
hands against him, saying with great energy, 'Don't you touch me! Don't
you touch me!' and went walking back and forth across the room speaking
rapidly, and declaring the work which Jesus had been working upon her.

"Her husband, quickly saw that she was in her right mind, and had been
healed by the Lord, and his soul was filled with unutterable emotion.

"One of the women of the household was called, also their son, twelve
years old, and together they thanked God for the great and blessed
wonder he had wrought.

"In the morning, after a sleep of several hours, she further examined
herself to see if entirely healed, and found both knees perfectly well;
and though for sixteen years she had not been able to use either, now
she lifted the left _foot_ and _put it upon the right knee_, thus
proving the completeness of her restoration.

"At the end of two years from her healing, inquiry having been made as
to how thorough had been the work, Mrs. Sherman gave full and abundant
evidence. 'I cannot remember a Summer when I have been so healthy and
strong, and able to work hard. I am a constant wonder to myself, and to
others, and have been for the two years past. The cure exceeded my
highest expectations at the time I was cured. I did not look forward to
such a state of vigor and strength. No words can express my joy and
gratitude for all this.'

"The parents of Mrs. Sherman also testify of the wonderful change
physically which occurred with the cure.

"Before, her appetite was always disordered, but on the very morning of
the healing it was wholly changed, and her food, which distressed her
formerly, she ate with a relish and without any pain following; and she
so continues. For years before a natural action of the bowels was rare.
From that day since, an unnatural one is equally rare.

"For fifteen years, with few exceptions, she had had severe neuralgic
sick headaches monthly or oftener. From that time she has been natural
and without pain, with no return of the headaches, except a
comparatively slight one once, from overdoing and a cold taken through

"There was also at that time an immediate and radical change in the
action of the kidneys, which had become a source of great trouble
before. Moreover the knee which had been partially stiff for so many
years was made entirely well. In fine, her body, which had been so full
of pain, became at once free from pain, and full of health.

"The week after she was healed she went fifty miles to attend a
camp-meeting, riding five miles in a carriage, the rest by cars. A near
neighbor said, 'She will come back worse than ever.' Though the weather
was especially bad, she came back better than when she went."

These are but few out of many expressions respecting her extraordinary
recovery, which fully satisfy the believing Christian that _the Great_
Physician is with us now, "_healing the lame_," and curing the sick. It
is faith only, unyielding, which the Lord requires ere he gives his
richest blessing.

The unbelieving one simply sees in it "_something strange_," which he
can not understand, but the faith-keeping Christian knows it is the sign
of his _Precious Lord_, in whom he trusts and abides forever.

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