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Unexpected Relief.

Henry Badgerow was a man about seventy years of age at the time of the
incident, and a resident of Steuben county, State of New York. This was
in the year about A.D. 1830-31. He had been for many years an invalid--
so much so that he couldn't walk--the result of a horse running away
with him. In a forest, isolated from neighbors, the old man resided
alone with an aged wife. They were quite poor, and wholly dependent upon
the labor of a son who worked away from home for others. This son was at
length taken sick with a fever, and unable to minister to his parents'
wants. This was in mid-winter, when storms were frequent and the snows
deep and lasting. One evening when the storm was at its highest, this
old couple found themselves without a particle of food in the house.
Matters were desperate with them. They could see but starvation staring
them in the face. They resolved upon prayer, having a firm trust in
their Heavenly Father, whom for many years they had been humbly serving.
They did not retire, but continued in fervent prayer that God would send
them food. About two and a half miles distant lived a young married man
in comfortable circumstances, by the name of Joseph Clason (the author
of the story). He was not at this time a Christian, although it was not
long after this he was converted, and has since lived an eminently
active and godly life. About 12 o'clock on the night of the snow storm
above mentioned, young Clason awoke. His first thoughts were of old Mr.
Badgerow and his condition in that storm. His mind became so impressed
with the thought of him, and so wrought upon that he could not again go
to sleep, although trying so to do. At length he awakened his wife, told
her that he was in trouble about Mr. B., for fear he and his wife were
starving. She replied that if he would get right up and make a light,
she would prepare something, and that he had better take it right down.
Young C. did so, taking with him a pail of provisions. After a jaunt
through the storm and snow in the dead hour of night, he reached the old
man's cabin. There he found a light burning. He knocked; the door was
opened by the wife. The old man was fervently praying; but when he saw
young C. with the pail of provisions, he held up both hands and said,
"Now I know that God heareth prayer. Not one mouthful have we in the
house to eat. I know that God sent you here." Young C. staid with the
old couple until daylight. The conversation revealed that about midnight
the old man perceiving that a storm had arisen, and that unless relief
came, which was not likely, they would starve, resolved to appeal to his
Heavenly Father, saying that God who sent the ravens to feed Elijah
would feed him if he went to him in faith, and now God had heard his
prayer, and he blessed God that he could do so in all trouble and trial.

The old man having asked C. how he came to visit them, he replied he
didn't know, but supposed God had sent him, as he had awoke and couldn't
again sleep on account of thought of him.

The incident made a serious and lasting impression on young C's mind.

In the morning, as C. was returning home, he came by his father's house;
his mother, espying his pail, wished to know where he had been. He
replied, "To feed the hungry." His father spreading the incident, the
neighbors all turned out and brought in enough provision to last them
during several weeks, the old man being greatly loved and respected by
his community, on account of his sterling Christian life and character.

Mr. Joseph Clason is still living, now seventy-five years of age, in
Bazine, Ness county, Kansas.

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