The Sons Of God

The "sons of God" held that men were really gods, and that as divinity

is manifested in our fellows and in ourselves, it is sufficient to

offer prayers unto--our neighbours! Every man being a god, there are

as many Christs as there are men, as many Holy Virgins as there are


The "sons of God" held assemblies at which they danced wildly, first

together and then separately, until the moment when the
omen, in

supreme ecstasy, turned from the left, and the men from the right,

towards the rising sun. The dance continued until all reached a state

of hysterical excitement. Then a voice was heard--"Behold the Holy

Spirit!"--and the whole company, emitting cries and groans, would

pursue the dizzy performance with redoubled vigour until they fell to

the ground exhausted.

Their sect originated in the neighbourhood of a great hill, where dwelt

a man named Philipoff with his disciples. He had retired there to work

against the influence of anti-Christ, and it was there that God

appeared to him, and said, "Truth and divinity dwell in your own

conscience. Neither drink nor marry. Those among you who are already

married should live as brothers and sisters."

Women were held in high esteem by the "sons of God," being venerated as

"mothers or nieces of the Saviour."