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Catholic Prayers

Various catholic prayers are found on this page that can be used as a valuable resourc

Now I Awake And See The Light
The Morning Bright
Now I Raise Me Up From Sleep
O Help Me Lord This Day To Be
O Lord My God To Thee Pray
Jesus Lord To Thee I Pray
In The Early Morning
For This New Morning With Its Li
I Thank Thee Lord For Sleep An
Jesus Gentle Shepherd
Keep My Little Tongue To-day
Jesus Keep Me All This Day
O Blessed Lord Protect Thou Me
My Father For Another Night
Now With The New-born Day I Give
Lord For The Mercies Of This Ni
Whateer I Do Things Great Or S
I Thank Thee My Heavenly Father
Savior Lay Thy Hand On Me
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Dear Father In Heaven
Now The Light Has Gone Away
In My Little Bed I Lie
The Day Is Past And Over
The Day Is Done
Forgive O Lord For Thy Dear So
Watch Oer A Little Child To-nig
Jesus Tender Shepherd Hear Me
Lord Send Me Sleep That I May L
Abide With Me Fast Falls The Ev
At The Close Of Every Day
Lord I Have Passed Another Day
All Praise To Thee My God This
I Fall Asleep In Jesus Wounds
The Toils Of Day Are Over
O Lord God I Pray Thee For Chr
I Thank Thee My Heavenly Father

Abba Father Bless This Food
Come Lord Jesus Be Our Guest
O Bread Of Life From Day To Day
Be Present At Our Table Lord
Great God Thou Giver Of All Goo
Jesus Bless What Thou Hast Give
Lord God Heavenly Father Bless
The Eyes Of All Wait Upon Thee
Grant Us Thy Grace O Lord That

We Thank The Lord
We Thank Thee Dear Lord Jesus
We Thank Thee For Those Gifts O
O Give Thanks Unto The Lord For
Bless The Lord O My Soul And A
Heavenly Father Accept Our Than
O God Who Givest Unto All Their
Accept O Lord Our Thankful Pra
We Thank Thee Lord God Heavenl
O Lord We Thank Thee For Our Da
The Lord Is Good To All And His

Tender Jesus Meek And Mild
I Am Weak But Thou Art Mighty
Dear Father Help Me Believe Tha
O Thou From Whom All Blessings
Dear Father Thy Child Is Sick
Heavenly Father It Hath Pleased
Other Refuge Have I None
Lord Gracious God I Cry To The
Nearer My God To Thee
Lord Jesus Christ My Best Physi
Lord Jesus Look Down From Heave
Holy Jesus Every Day
As A Little Child Relies
Faithful Shepherd Feed Me
We Thank Thee Heavnly Father
Holy Jesus Be My Light
Lord Be Thou My Constant Guide
O God Thou Faithful God
Lord Jesus Christ To Us Attend
Lord Teach Us How To Keep Thy D
Lord Open Thou My Heart To Hear
Direct Me Now O Gracious Lord
On What Has Now Been Sown
Blessed Lord Let Thy Blessing G
O Most Gracious God Let Me Neve
Almighty God Thy Word Is Cast
May The Grace Of Christ Our Sav
O Give Me Samuels Ear
Abide O Dear Redeemer
Now Our Worship Sweet Is Oer--
My God Accept My Heart This Day
Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing Lo
Let Us All With Gladsome Voice
O Lord Christ Our Savior Dear
O Holy Child Of Bethlehem
O Welcome Little Christmas Gues
Precious Babe Of Bethlehem
Ah Dearest Jesus Holy Child
Come Dearest Savior Take My He
Jesus Tender Savior
Lamb Of God I Look To Thee
Jesus Help My Eyes To See
Be Near Me Lord Jesus
Holy Spirit Give Us
Jesus From Thy Throne On High
Almighty And Most Merciful God
Dear Father In Heaven Who In Th
O Almighty God Who By Thy Son J
While Lifes Paths We Still Are
Our Father Who Art In Heaven Ha
1 The Lord Is My Shepherd I Sh
Praise God From Whom All Blessi