A Family Pray For A Good Servant.

"About three years since my family comfort was very much disturbed by

failure to obtain a good housemaid. And, having been accustomed to wait

upon God for right direction in my _temporal_ as well as spiritual

affairs, in simple faith I asked Him to direct me on reaching New York

City to where I would find a girl of good character that would

appreciate a Christian home. My steps were led to a boarding-house on

street, and on inquiring for a German or Swede girl I was told

they had a nice Swede just landed. I talked to her through an

interpreter and was satisfied from what she said, as well as from her

countenance, that she was the one I was searching for. She came to my

home and proved, in two years' service, almost faultless. In

conversation one day, a short time after she came to our home, she said

she had had several places offered her that morning before I came, but

she did not like them; but as soon as she saw me, felt that she could go

with me--she was a Christian, member of the Lutheran church and wanted a

Christian home. Her desire was granted and my prayer was answered."