A Boy's Faith In Prayer

In a letter to Dr. W.W. Patton, by Mr. T.I. Goodwin, M.D., of Staten

Island, he describes a little incident which happened to him when only

thirteen years old.

"He lost a choice penknife while collecting and driving several cows

from a pasture covered with grass two inches high. Having read

Huntington's Book of Faith, he thought of prayer, and in childlike trust

he knelt under a tree, outside the bars, an
prayed for his lost

treasure; for he was a farmer's boy, and his spending money amounted to

only about fifty cents a year. 'I rose up, cast my eyes down on the

ground, and without planning my course or making any estimate of

probabilities, walked across the meadow centrally to near its farther

edge, saw the penknife down in the grass directly before me, and picked

it up all as readily as I could have done had any one stood there

pointing to the exact place. _Had I gone ten feet to the right or left_

I could not have seen the knife, for the grass was too high.'"